INPROMO. What makes us unique

Up until 2009 we were strictly a service provider. With the launch of the social tools we began to develop our own products. We started with the Social Media Planner, an interactive planning tool for the Social Web for which we pulled in numerous nominations, including the prestigious Social Media Prize 2010.

Rolling with the positive media coverage we launched the Social Monitor to collect and analyze software-based trends and opinions in the Social Web.

The Social Apps are the third pillar: a tool to quickly create simple Facebook applications, which sufficiently convert FBML to iframe.

Social Apps

Facebook campaigns are not new to us. With the integration of sweepstakes mechanisms like photo/video uploads, voting and lotteries, all especially designed for Facebook, we’ve been implementing successful campaigns on the mother of all social networks since 2009. Find out more here.

Social Monitor

“Do you know this?” “How do you find that?” For consumers, the Social Web is an increasingly relevant forum for interaction and discussion of products, brands and businesses. Social media monitoring offers the possibility to selectively monitor this interaction. Our Social Monitor cleverly combines two things: the efficiency of software-based statistics with the quality of manual analysis. Curious?

Social Media Planner

This is our interactive planning tool for the German-language Social Web. Believe it or not, but our Planner currently incorporates 295 platforms and is available online to interested businesses and marketers. And they are not the only enthusiasts; a jury awarded our Planner with the Social Media Prize 2010! More information.